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Ann Pickett: A personal perspective

I am a creator of abstract art, using the medium of acrylic on canvas or paper to express my vision. My pieces have been recognized in galleries and exhibits across the country, receiving accolades for their unique and captivating design.

My work is a blend of figure, landscape, still life and pure abstract forms, all driven by the power of color, line and form. I start with a familiar concept, but then break it down and build it up again, searching for something new and exciting.

Ann Pickett

Explore each layer of my paintings, building up a rich history and complexity that invites the viewer to delve deeper. My style is spontaneous and bold, embracing the unexpected and the unknown.

Ultimately, I paint because I am passionate about the process and the results. My dream is to create works of art that capture the viewer's imagination, leading them on a journey of discovery and wonder.


ELAN Magazine March 2018: A Beautiful Line, Deconstructing the Familiar by Donna Cedar-Southworth

The Washington Post - Inside the Galleries: "Ann Pickett also is an abstractionist, but her vibrant acrylic-on-paper paintings have an almost-representational quality that suggests Richard Diebenkorn.

These pictures hint at landscape, but also at intimate interior vignettes."
Mark Jenkins - Read the article

Q & A with Ann

Audrey E. Hoffer - The Washington Post Magazine

Mark Jenkins - The Washington Post, Inside the Galleries,February 19, 2016

Mark Jenkins - The Washington Post, Inside the Galleries, September 23, 2018